Personal Services

The Sonoran Concierge welcomes the opportunity to provide assistance to homeowners with Deliveries & Errands, Tasks and House Preparation. Be confident in knowing you have help in Arizona should anything arise!


Deliveries & Errands

The Sonoran Concierge is available to receive and approve deliveries - i.e. furniture, appliances, vehicles, etc., as well as, run errands that you need assistance with.



The Sonoran Concierge is available to meet and oversee your vendors i.e. handyman, pest control, cleaners, plumbers, air conditioning, window washing, carpet cleaning, etc. to assist in regular home maintenance.


House Preparation

The Sonoran Concierge can stock the kitchen and refrigerator with all your essentials, clean and freshen the house, reset air to comfortable temperature, turn on pool and spa, etc. Anything necessary to make your return stress-free, comfortable and relaxing.